Evi werken bij Van Lanschot Kempen


Our wealth manager Evi is the youngest member of our Van Lanschot Kempen family. Evi is the online wealth coach always at your fingertips, and draws on our private banking experience and expertise.
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Online asset manager with centuries of experience

First conceived in 2013, Evi is run by a small and dynamic team encouraging entrepreneurship and eager to make a difference. Everything you do for our clients is immediately visible to them.

Evi is all about data-driven work: Marketing creates and optimises personalised customer journeys to arrive at a superior client experience; Sales draws on forecasting models and lead programmes; and Development analyses user behaviour and fine-tunes the Evi website and mobile app. Operations analyses and resolves any bottlenecks, and Business Intelligence provides advanced data analyses when the going gets tough. We’re committed to agile working towards a greater goal.

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