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Our culture

The company culture at Van Lanschot Kempen is personal, and offers a lot of space for initiative and entrepreneurship. This means you can immediately make a major impact in your own field, and contribute to the future of the wealth manager.

Entrepreneurial spirit. Craftsmanship. Dedication. Discretion. Specialisation.

These are big words that everyone can hold us to; they are what we stand for. The company culture of Van Lanschot Kempen is personal and offers a lot of room for initiative and entrepreneurship. This allows you to have an immediate impact in your own field and contribute to the future of wealth management.

We offer you every opportunity to develop yourself further and grow in your position and within the organisation. Our terms of employment and the training and development opportunities we offer are geared towards a long-term relationship in which you and the wealth manager both benefit.

The story of Van Lanschot Kempen is a fascinating one. It is a story about people who dare and are active. A story about intelligent doers who take responsibility, exceed expectations, carefully consider the opportunities they see and then cash in. People who are enterprising, always committed to their work and want to contribute to important themes such as sustainability and vitality. Are you such a person? Then you will get every opportunity with us.

Our name creates high expectations and obligations. Our clients are rightly demanding and count on high-quality advice from professionals. We therefore feel it is important that we know our clients personally, and that they know us.

What Van Lanschot Kempen can offer you?

Maarten Edixhoven - CEO Van Lanschot Kempen

Inclusion & Diversity

Globally, inclusion & diversity have become an increasingly important part of a sustainable business strategy, also at Van Lanschot Kempen. We believe that diversity in the workforce specifically leads to better decision-making, a better work environment and fewer "blind spots". In addition, an inclusive and diverse workforce helps drive business performance, innovation, flexibility and resilience of the organization, as well as positive social and environmental impact.

We also believe it provides access to a much larger talent pool so that meritocracy and diversity can co-exist. The conscious and deliberate pursuit of diversity also leads to a significant reduction in prejudice.

An inclusive culture is a precondition for making diversity successful in the workplace. This requires an inclusive mindset from every employee so that everyone at Van Lanschot Kempen feels at home regardless of your background or the sound you are making. This is not only about acceptance, but also about really being seen and heard.


The power to be yourself

Rolf Schrama - Diversity and Inclusiveness Advisor


We preserve and create wealth in a sustainable way for the benefit of future generations. Our purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in a way that contributes to sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges. 
We believe that wealth is not just about financial assets; essential as these may be, wealth is about all the things that we value in life. In a broader sense, wealth represents the collective wisdom of a society and the cultural norms and values that sustain it. As a company, we believe that the generation of wealth – and its re-distribution through taxation – are critical to the process of creating and maintaining stable, successful societies. Given that societal cohesion necessitates wealth creation, we believe that wealth management cannot be the preserve of a few but is a necessity for all. We believe that if we - together with our stakeholders - contribute to a more sustainable world, everyone will benefit. We believe that preserving and growing capital in a sustainable way is a peoples job.
Our people: we believe that talented, vital and impactful people want to work for inclusive companies whose purpose, culture and values they share. 
Our clients: we believe that the wealth we build or preserve for our clients today, will only retain its real value in a sustainable future world. 
Our shareholders: we believe as an integrated wealth manager we can benefit from these opportunities and create attractive long-term financial and sustainable value for our capital providers. 
Our society and planet: we believe that the generation of wealth in a way that we restore a livable environment is critical to the process of creating and maintaining stable, successful societies. There is no second chance on global warming and resource depletion. 

Making choices to save our planet

Ruud van de Ven - Private Banker Foundations & Associations 

Sustainability is here to stay

Albert Marsal - Corporate finance associate