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A prime example of integration

When Van Lanschot Kempen acquired the Dutch wealth management activities of UBS in 2017, I was part of the team that moved over. Although I’m a senior portfolio manager for Kempen Asset Management, my team translates all the investment decisions into the portfolios of our Private Banking and Evi clients, as well as constructing target portfolios for Belgium and Switzerland. So the Private Clients Portfolio Management desk is a prime example of integration.

When I started my role, Van Lanschot and Kempen each had their own separate investment infrastructures. One of our biggest projects has been to build a single platform from which we can serve all client groups – with the same investment process, risk-based approach, asset allocation procedure and so on. It’s been quite a challenge to streamline things and create one process that meets the needs of all client groups – but we’re great advocates of the “act as one” philosophy.

I’m proud of my team during the pandemic: we had to field a lot of client requests, but everyone worked extremely hard while also being understanding of people’s childcare situation or other work-life balance issues. I’m very fortunate to have this chalet at the end of the garden where I can work, away from the rest of the family, and I know many colleagues have had it a lot tougher. My management style is to walk around to people’s desks, having quick chats with colleagues rather than formal meetings. So I really miss the personal interaction, seeing my team and feeling people’s moods.

Cas de Bruijne – Head of Client Portfolio Management, Kempen Asset Management