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A day at the office ...

Ad van Schijndel - Finance Team Leader

Ad van Schijndel, Finance Team Leader in the Finance, Reporting & Control department in Amsterdam. 

What do you/does your department do exactly? 
Within the finance team, we process all invoices, declarations and payments at Van Lanschot and Kempen. We also ensure that all works related to changes in the financial administration of Van Lanschot and Kempen are processed, and we answer colleagues' and suppliers' questions about these. 

What is the added value of the department/your work for the client? 
We try to pay everything on time, and contribute to discussions about forthcoming changes in the organisation, such as new systems or changes to bookings. In addition to myself, the Finance team consists of four women. 

What is distinctive about your working day/working week? 
Of course, we have a number of fixed deadlines that we must meet. But because I have worked in the Finance department for so long, various colleagues often ask me for input. For example: we recently set up a new system for passing on costs within Kempen and Van Lanschot, and automated bookings that must be made every month. 

What are you proud of? 
I am not afraid to say that we deliver high-quality work in our department. There is also a good atmosphere in the department. As a manager, I see this as very important.  

With which VL/KCO colleagues are you regularly in contact?* 
There are too many to mention – everyone with questions about invoices and/or declarations comes to me. I have worked at Van Lanschot for 29 years and as such, I've spoken with many colleagues through the years.  

Ad van Schijndel is 50 years old and lives with his wife in Sint-Michielsgestel. He gets up at 5.15 a.m. every weekday, and travels by bike/train to Amsterdam. The evening meal is ready around 6 p.m. Weekday evenings are reserved for bicycle racing, badminton and board positions in various associations. At the weekend, he enjoys bicycle racing and badminton. He always makes time for his two grandchildren.