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Trying new approaches

I’ve been working in the Digital Adoption team for a year, focusing on data analytics – that means things like mining data, creating dashboards and generating insights into our clients’ and employees’ usage of our digital apps and tools. I started at Van Lanschot Kempen as an intern doing my thesis: I was interviewing bankers about their adoption of digital tools and, from that, I was able to create various dashboards from scratch. The company really gave me the opportunity to take chances, try new approaches and iterate as I went along.

That entrepreneurial spirit is important to me both personally and professionally. We’re a very small, new team with lots of freedom to innovate. One example in 2022 was the “5Miles” micro-learning platform, which allows colleagues to learn in five minutes every day with just one challenge. Initially, the challenges were all based around Microsoft Office programs, but we’ve now created a specific course for our bankers to learn how to use our client-focused tools. We’re also analysing the correlation between digital adoption by bankers and client satisfaction, to see whether clients who have more digital contact points available to them are happier with our service. There’s lots to learn from data analytics!

Oumaima Charkaoui – Advanced Analytics Specialist & Scrum Master