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Digital tools at your fingertips

I joined Van Lanschot Kempen in March 2021 from Hof Hoorneman Bankiers, so it was quite a change to move from an organisation of around 70 people to one of over 1,600! So far, I’ve really appreciated the benefits of working at a larger company: it’s organised and well-structured, with all the digital tools you need at your fingertips. And I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by everyone’s willingness to help.

The teamwork at the company is very strong. In Digital, Advanced Analytics & Technology especially, the teams are very diverse – which really helps broaden your perspective and ensures you’re developing solutions for all kinds of people. My team is responsible for all the websites of our company brands as well as the careers site. Our job is to maintain these sites but also to implement and test new functionalities to develop our business.

In 2021, we created an online request for proposal (RFP) environment that allows the Pre-sales team to make personalised web pages for their prospects. A pension fund might be interested in our investment management capabilities, for instance, and now we can give them a web page with all the information they need during the RFP phase – specific documents, contact details and so on. And all that information is carefully secured behind a personalised login. It was a great exercise in teamwork between the Pre-sales team, our colleagues in Marketing and Communications, the UX designers, the Security team and my team’s developers, as we needed to figure out all the requirements, functionality, design and security together.

Leonie Janssen Daalen Product Owner, Omni-channel Acquisition team