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Ruud van de Ven - Private Banker Foundations & Associations

Making choices to save our planet

Since 2007, I’ve been working for Van Lanschot’s clients in the philanthropic sector. My own personal interests (governance and sustainability) connect perfectly with those of my clients (foundations). In my team of ten, we offer our clients investment solutions to meet their societal goals in a way that fits both their risk/return profile and their social ambitions. 

Clients in this sector tend to be further ahead when it comes to social responsibility and sustainability; their licence to operate is closely linked to their societal goals. In future, my ambition is to link their financial assets even more to their own specific goals. Recently, pension funds and private clients have been closing the gap when it comes to sustainability, and more of Van Lanschot’s clients are becoming interested in sustainable and impact investments.

Over the past year, I’ve noticed awareness of sustainability issues rising quickly – not just at business level but also at personal and (inter)national levels. Our planet has limited resources, and we all need to make choices if we want to meet the Paris Climate Agreement and protect our planet for our children. I’ve become more conscious of my own carbon footprint, and have been trying to reduce it through the choices I make about food, travel and energy. I’m convinced that together we have the obligation and ability to save our planet, and that we can manage this without giving up too much. By promoting and implementing sustainability in my clients’ investments, I hope to justify my own “licence to operate”.