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Women in Tech

At this page you can find more information about working at Van Lanschot Kempen within our Digital & Technology teams and why we find it important to attract more female tech talent. Are you interested in getting to know us better? Let's have a chat, a coffee or take part in one of our events! Our colleague Bas Rapati is happy to tell you more about it. 
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Diverse talent is important to us

Diversity makes us stronger, enhances innovation power, enriches culture and drives a strong sense of purpose.  All research and economic studies show that companies that embrace diversity are more successful, and the more inclusive we are the better we will be at activating everyone’s full potential.

We all know that the global tech industry is dominated by men. Van Lanschot Kempen is not an exception. One more reason to do our best in attract a more diverse workforce. To realise our ambitions, we also meet criteria that women find important in the workplace. Check our Terms of Employment and see what Van Lanschot Kempen has to offer you.

Meet our Women in Tech


Digital tools at your fingertips

Leonie Janssen Daalen Product Owner


A day at the office

An impression of the Digital work environment


Just jump in!

Lisanne Smink - Product Owner Digital and IT

Facts & Figures

The ambition we have is an ongoing journey. Attracting diverse talent also means creating an inclusive work environment. And we are well on the way in doing so: in 2021, we hired 40% women . See below for some more figures on our Digital and Technology teams. Not too bad, isn't it?