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Find answers to frequently asked questions about working at Van Lanschot Kempen and find contact information of our recruiters. We look forward to get in touch with you!
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Internship, working student, starter position

Campus recruitment

Corporate finance, Equities, Investment management

Diva Estanto

+31 6 57 87 59 45
Digital & Technology, Business Services       

Jessica Martins

+31 6 57 68 31 87
Private Banking, Risk, Legal, Business services

Max van Bennekom

+31 6 51 58 47 05

Recruitment experienced hires

Private Banking

Maurien van Schaick

+31 6 16 09 38 71
Digital & Technology

Eline Aanhane

+31 6 20 31 22 25


Digital & Technology, Business Services

Raphael Begeer

+31 6 57 52 29 90 
Finance, Legal, Audit, Compliance, Risk, Business Services

Deborah Bristow

+31 6 83 22 00 29
Corporate finance, Equities, Investment Management

Maddy Huang

+31 6 57 72 78 11

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question and want to contact a recruiter about it? Then first look at the frequently asked questions below. Maybe your question will be already answered.

Can I apply via email?
No. Emails are not an option due to GDPR. We would like to receive your application via the career site. This way, we can also better track all applicants and make sure everyone receives feedback in timely manner.

What is the application process like? 
0. Assessment (for junior profiles)
1. Telephone screening by Recruiter
2. First interview with Hiring Pool. Hiring Pool consists of colleagues within the same business unit (not necessarily from the same department). The purpose of the interview is to see whether the candidate fits within the organization based on the values of Van Lanschot Kempen. 
3. Second interview with manager and a colleague from the department. Sometimes you are asked to prepare something here based on a case or presentation.  

Can I work remotely from another country?
No. Not permanent. But working digitally enabled us to be more flexible regarding the location where we work from: either from the office, from home or even from abroad. As part of “Our way of working” it is therefore possible to work from abroad for a short period every year. All while ensuring you can perform your duties in a safe and compliant manner.

The vacancy link does not work, what should I do?
If the link doesn’t work, you can sent an email to the recruiter. The recruiter will ensure that the link works again and will notify you when this is the case. You can then still apply via the link.  

Why is it not possible to leave a motivation letter for some positions?
This has to do with the assessment that takes place first. For this we only need a cv. As a follow-up to the application, a motivation can still be requested. 

Can I apply for multiple vacancies with one application?
No this is not possible. If you want to apply for multiple vacancies, this must be done per vacancy and with a good motivation why you want to apply for multiple vacancies. 

How long does it take for my application to be processed?
The recruiter will contact you within one week. 

Frequently asked questions about internships

Is it possible to apply for an internship while I am not currently studying? 
Yes this is possible up to 6 months after completing your studies. An internship does apply an internship allowance and not a full-time salary. 

Do you support a visa for students living outside the Netherlands?
Generally, we have preference towards candidates that are already in the Netherlands on a Dutch student visa or other type of residence permit that allow them to work (such as partner or Orientation Year Visa). If they have European Citizenship and are in another country, they are also welcome to apply.

Is there a chance to be hired after the internship?
Yes. It often happens that interns stay as working students. We also see that they continue their career with us afterwards.   

Can I do an internship remotely from another country?