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Hi Young Talent!

We frequently have vacancies for interns, working students, trainees or starters! You don't have to know and be able to do everything already, as long as you have the interest and motivation to learn a lot. That's what being a young professional at Van Lanschot Kempen is all about. Taking responsibility and making an impact will soon follow.

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Interns & working students

Those are the perfect start to unleash your potential and shape your future. Internships are usually connected to a study program and focus on learning, exploring interests and guidance from specialists. The type (thesis or non-thesis) and duration (3-6 months) vary by department. Similarly, working student positions offer flexibility, additional hands-on experience, and increased responsibilities, typically lasting 6 to 12 months.

Starter positions

Ready to advance in your career? Our starter positions are perfect for those ready to develop further in their chosen area of expertise. We have opportunities for you whether you're a recent graduate, have some experience, or are a career changer. International candidates are welcome, as many positions do not require Dutch language skills.


Perfect for recent graduates seeking a comprehensive understanding of Van Lanschot Kempen, our traineeships take 15 to 24 months. Some traineeships involve rotations, allowing you to gain insight into multiple departments, while others focus on developing expertise in a specific area.
Digital & Technology Traineeship: Over a period of 15 months, trainees undergo rotations at 4 different departments – three within Digital & Technology teams and one in a different Business Unit. This traineeship is perfect for digital-savvy individuals unsure of which direction to choose within the IT domain.
Investment Management Traineeship: One young professional can explore different areas of Investment Management for 16 months. Towards the end, the trainee will have an overview of the possibilities within Investment Management and be equipped better to choose a career path within Van Lanschot Kempen.
Finance & Risk Traineeship: Trainees experience a unique kick-start of their professional career for 18 months. They complete rotations in three Finance & Risk departments and a short rotation in a team outside this area of expertise. 

Meet our young talents!


'Everyone is easily approachable'

Tycho van Denderen - Fiduciary Manager

'Surround yourself with mentors'

Feyza Sen - Product Owner

Our selection process

Ibo Metz, HR Director: ''Everyone has (unconscious) biases and some are better at eliminating this than others. We don't want to miss out on you as a talent, which is why we think it is important to select as objectively as possible. In addition, our candidates experience our selection method as very positive and the experience is rated 4.4 out of 5."

We strive to make our application process as simple as possible, so we ask only for your resume - a motivation/cover letter is not a part of our entry-level role process. Our Campus Recruiters will screen your cv and check if you meet the essential criteria. If you qualify, you will be invited for a game-based assessment that measures your cognitive and behavioural skills and lets us see who you are beyond grades and experience. This assessment is part of our goal towards an unbiased hiring process to make the selection process as objective as possible. Do you want to explain why you are interested in the role? At the end of the assessment, you can briefly add your motivation. 

After the assessment, you may be invited for one or more interviews focusing on motivation, cultural fit, hard skills and experience. During these interviews, feel free to ask questions about our company, team, and the role you are applying for.

Do you not meet all the requirements in the vacancy but do you feel that your profile fits the job well? Then please contact one of our campus recruiters.

Internship vacancies

Areas of Expertise

Starters & working students

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Investment Management
Investment Strategies – Internship
  • Amsterdam
  • 40 hours
  • Analytical thinking
  • Detail oriented
  • Collaborative
Private Banking
Private Banking Regio Zuid - Stage
  • Den Bosch
  • 32 - 40 hours
  • Communication
  • Customer focus
  • Organisational awareness
Corporate Finance
Corporate Finance, Equity Capital Markets, Debt Advisory– Internship
  • Amsterdam
  • Fulltime
  • Analytical thinking
  • Communication & Performance
  • Collaborative