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Pulling data, plucking strings

Jos Hermans - Specialist Finance Business Intelligence, Finance, Reporting & Control Annual Report

I work in the Business Intelligence Competence Centre, and it’s our job to pull data from all Van Lanschot Kempen’s systems, and produce various reports that help management to make company decisions. Even though I only started working here in December 2016, I’ve always worked with data. So I’m enjoying our current challenge which is to migrate all our reports from the current tools to one standard company tool. It’s a long and complex project (we started in mid-2018 and expect to finish at the end of 2019) but I believe it’s the right decision in the long term: not only is it more cost efficient, but it also enables us to share knowledge and information between departments better. 

Outside of my daily work, I get a lot of positive energy from playing base guitar in the company band: VLK Collective. We only formed in October 2017, but our goal was to play at the company’s summer party in 2018. On 21 June, we succeeded: the 10 of us got up on the festival stage and played our hearts out. It might not be what’s usually meant by “vitality” but it certainly contributes to my well-being. I think it’s important to know that the company management really cares about us – its employees – and the balance we have between our work and private lives.