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Specialising in client-centricity

As a specialist in marketing intelligence, my role is to present the voice of the client to the member of the Management Board responsible for commercial activities every quarter. I collect feedback from clients and employees as well as data from our systems and condense it all into three or four topics that are really important to our clients – whether we’re doing well on these or need to improve.

In 2022, we found evidence that clients appreciated the improvements we’ve made to our digital systems, and that personal contact became more important than ever in times of crisis. When the war in Ukraine broke out, our bankers spent the first few weeks in conversations with their clients. That’s one of the reasons we’ve maintained high satisfaction ratings even during a huge market downturn.

For our private clients, the fact that we have specialist knowledge is crucial. The more money you have, the more complex your financial situation, and the more important it is to have specialist advisers to make you feel confident and understood. Moreover, we’re extremely focused on improving the client experience: from the top level to the bottom, and from the back office to the front office, I’ve never worked for a company that’s so specialised in client-centricity.

Stefan Philippart Marketing Intelligence Specialist