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Janine van der Marel - Senior Specialist IT Engineering

 Let me introduce myself first. My name is Janine van der Marel. I am born and raised in the Netherlands. I work at Van Lanschot Kempen as a Senior Specialist IT Engineering. Our team ‘Client Interaction & Distribution’ is responsible for a set of Applications which are used by the Sales team. You can think of CRM applications like Salesforce and Dynamics, but we also take care of .NET applications such as the KCM Online website.

How we work
Besides managing the different kind of applications, we also work with the Agile Scrum method where we have Sprint Plannings, Refinements, Reviews and Retrospective. We have close contact with our end users and are invited to the sprint review where we show what we have done each sprint. Also small changes and requests regarding our applications are handled by our team. Big changes will have to approved by our Product Owner first, but we have full control over our applications. 

Let me tell you a bit more about a recent project I worked on
Lately I have been very busy with preparations of migrating from Salesforce to Dynamics. Together with my colleague Aaron Bogers, we are setting up all necessary fields, forms, views and logic in Dynamics. Besides the migration we also work on other PBI’s that are in our Sprint. We daily have stand up meetings together where we set our daily goals. Furthermore we check emails and Topdesk for new tickets and replies regarding our application. Sometime we call each other via Teams to cooperate on a difficult item and help each other out. It’s all teamwork, so we help each other out when we can.  Sometimes we do trainings if it fits with our Sprint Goal, theory and practice is the best combination.

What I  like most about my job
We really have a team spirit and a lot of flexibly and freedom to do our job.  Our Product Owner makes our end users enthusiastic and that really gives a lot positive energy for both sides. I really love working with my team!
I also really like the broad spectrum of activities that we have in our team. Sometimes we are developing and brainstorming on new ideas for our applications, migrating applications, etc. 

A piece of advice for people thinking of applying to work for Van Lanschot Kempen
Van Lanschot Kempen gives a lot of opportunities to learn and grow and the IT department where I am working is a really inspiring place. With a week start every Monday and lots of trainings I really feel connected to my colleagues and inspired to grow further. Don't hesitate to contact someone who works here if your doubting or want to know more!