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About working at Van Lanschot Kempen by Otto Coster

Since I started working on the newly-developed digital channels I noticed that entrepreneurship is highly valued at van Lanschot Kempen. It’s possible to start with just a good idea and create something valuable. The relatively small organization enables you to make a big difference with a small group of people. For both our clients and for Van Lanschot Kempen. Just like a real entrepreneur, you encounter lots of challenges and you have a continuous learning curve. 

More focused on the technical aspects, I am really positive about the movement we are making towards a DevOps culture. Getting the full responsibility for what you create as a developer and also getting the support to design your own infrastructure results in a better product that you can be proud of as a team. My team is multidisciplinary and we select new colleagues based on these aspects: motivated, specialized but also eager to learn. We are very happy with people who love to share their knowledge and appreciate an informal working culture.