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About keeping fit, physically and mentally

by Joost Hullenaar - Manager Development & Operations at Evi

The clue is in my job title: I manage two teams – operations and development. On the operations side, we deal with Evi clients’ administration and assets under management. On the development side, we develop the app and website so that new clients can be quickly on-boarded and existing clients can get easy insights into their portfolios. Evi made good progress in 2018: we updated our app and launched a new product, Evi Go, especially for starters in discretionary portfolio management – to name just two of the developments last year. These online tools, in combination with the opportunity for personal contact between clients and advisers, put us in a good position for the longer term future.

For me personally it was a big year, too: I moved from working for Van Lanschot Private Banking in ‘s-Hertogenbosch to working for Evi in Amsterdam and Antwerp. That means I have to do quite a bit of traveling, so it’s important that I keep in shape physically as well. I play hockey twice a week and go running once a week – I strongly believe that your physical fitness has a big impact on your work. Which is why I think it’s great that Van Lanschot Kempen facilitates this: Evi is a young team, and around 80% of us make use of the facilities to run, use the gym, get chair massages or join mindfulness training. It not only reduces absenteeism – it increases people’s happiness at work, too.